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would anyone like to go to Asda for me this week?

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lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-08 12:33:23

Can't be arsed to trek around with the lo & oh sad Daren't send oh, who knows what I might end up with!

Haven't even got around to a proper list yet . . . just a virtual wander around mysupermarket website so far hmm

nickytwoooohtimes Mon 13-Oct-08 12:34:18

Yeah, I'll go.
Just hand over your bank card and pin...wink
Online shop maybe?

cocoleBOO Mon 13-Oct-08 12:34:18

You should have asked sooner, I'm just back.

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-08 12:42:24

I do online shop sometimes nicky, just like actually wandering around the shop sometimes (it's one of the rare outings I get since we started saving hmm) I worry about me sometimes, I enjoy unpacking & putting the shopping away as well

coco, next week maybe.

nickytwoooohtimes Mon 13-Oct-08 12:43:44

Oh, yes, it is often our weekly outing too, especially when we are budgeting, ie skint. [saddo]

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-08 12:45:05

lmao, so glad it's not just me!

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