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Urgent help needed! Party food suggestions for tomorrow.....

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Simi Fri 04-Mar-05 16:17:44

Having a party tomorrow and need some urgent advice on good party food recipes that are easy and quick to prepare, as I will still have to look after ds (11 months), clean the flat, go shopping etc - I did not used to be so badly organised......THANKS

champs Sat 05-Mar-05 18:00:06

mini pizza bites? put tomato puree/sauce and cheese with whatever toppins you have on your chosen base.
chicken wraps? tortilla wraps with some chicken and pepers in there.
french bread open sandwithces.
pasta bake is quite quick.

was it finger food you wanted or meals?

RTKangaMummy Sat 05-Mar-05 18:32:01

Is it childrens party?

pineapple and cheese on sticks?

sausages on sticks

peppers sliced up, dips with crisps carrot sticks

cucumber sticks brooccoli cawliflower


pasta salad

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