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Erm... I have soaked fruit for 3 cakes in a whole (1L) bottle of brandy.... is that too much?

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LadyOfWaffleIsScaryEnough Sun 12-Oct-08 16:43:08

Am having flashbacks I am sure to something about tablespoons....

The three cakes in question are 2 10" and 1 12"... two are being eaten on 26th Oct. shock

I had planned to drain this morning but the fruit has soaked it all in!

bellavita Sun 12-Oct-08 16:44:51

I am always on the generous side when it comes to putting booze into cakes, so for 3 cakes, I would have probably put the same amount in.

They will be lovely.

DevilishDisasterArea Sun 12-Oct-08 16:46:39

um. think delia talks in terms of tablespoons of brandy, not bottles. will be delicious.

expatinscotland Sun 12-Oct-08 16:50:00


i soak in about that amount for that many cakes and then strain the liquid off before adding the fruit to the mix - and use that leftover alcohol to feed the cakes later on.

how long was the fruit soaking for it to soak all in? shock

LadyOfWaffleIsScaryEnough Sun 12-Oct-08 16:50:45

Thanks , hopefully it won't knock anyone flying. I have never made a fruit cake before , let alone a short notice one. [hic]grin

LadyOfWaffleIsScaryEnough Sun 12-Oct-08 16:52:14

O! I was going to drain and feed (feed the Christmas one) but the fruit drank it all! I poured the brandy over it about 5pm yesterday and it was gone this morning.

amanda12 Mon 13-Oct-08 14:50:55

I think i used this much for 1 cake!! It is huge but thought i would drain a lot and feed it over nxt couple of months but it has soaked it all up. It smells delicious.

flatmouse Mon 13-Oct-08 14:52:25

it'll be fine and delicious. I've never understood why Delia was so stingy wiht her quantities.

georgiemum Mon 13-Oct-08 14:53:50

Absolutely not. May need more though.

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