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How to toast pine nuts ??

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outinthesticksmummy Sat 11-Oct-08 20:58:09

Am trying to make a morrocan cous cous salad for a christening i'm doing tomorrow and the recipe requires pine nuts - toasted?? How do i do this, do io just fry them???

RubySlippers Sat 11-Oct-08 20:59:09

dry fry in a non stick frying pan

be careful, they can "catch" quickly

drain on kitchen paper

policywonk Sat 11-Oct-08 20:59:54

Yes - put them in a dry frying pan on a medium heat and keep tossing them about. Don't walk away or they'll burn. Only takes a couple of minutes - you'll see them change colour.

spicemonster Sat 11-Oct-08 21:00:18

Dry fry them. Put them in a frying pan on a medium heat. Keep turning them and don't leave them for a second -they burn very fast. You want them light brown

Leoness Sat 11-Oct-08 21:04:18

They burn very quickly, you can do them under the grill but go very slowly and watch them all the time. Waitrose sell pre-toasted ones in there 'cooks ingredients' section...obviously more expensive but to be honest I've burnt so many in the past I save money by buying the pre-toasted!

outinthesticksmummy Sat 11-Oct-08 21:56:23

thankyou ........i am so gonna burn them!!!

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