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QUICK!!! Can i reheat fish pie?? QUICK!!

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littleducks Sat 11-Oct-08 18:14:15

I have made fish pie using frozen (raw) fish, it is in the oven but dd is overtired and needs dinner NOW really. Can i reheat the cooked pie in the microwave for her lunch tomorrow and give her something else for dinner?

georgimama Sat 11-Oct-08 18:16:27

I hope so, because I have been doing it for years.

And freezing it once it's cooked, defrosting it and then reheating.

HeadFairy Sat 11-Oct-08 18:17:50

yeah, just make sure it's piping hot when you reheat it.

Mercy Sat 11-Oct-08 18:20:07

As long as you only reheat it once.

Make sure it's kept chilled and then reheated thoroughly. ANd I prefer to use an oven rather tham a micorwave tbh

littleducks Sat 11-Oct-08 18:23:06

you can freeze it cooked?

Oblomov Sat 11-Oct-08 18:26:31

of course littelducks.
And you can re-heat it.
No probs.

Oblomov Sat 11-Oct-08 18:27:30

like george says, hope so. becasue i too have been doing it for years.

littleducks Sat 11-Oct-08 19:34:23

thanks all

Melodymilly Fri 14-Mar-14 12:56:05

Needs to cool down thoroughly before putting in fridge, not 100% about freezing a cooked fish pie. I would eat within 24 hours and only reheat the once.

TippiShagpile Fri 14-Mar-14 12:57:48

Of course you can. I have a freezer full of cooked meals including fish pie.

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