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What volume of liquid does a tablespoon hold?

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lucysmam Sat 11-Oct-08 14:52:53

Am making a cake shortly, the recipe says 10tbsp, but I can't be arsed to fanny about with a tablespoon measuring 10 of them so thought knowing the volume would be quicker and easier.

Thanks smile

Carmenere Sat 11-Oct-08 14:53:16


lucysmam Sat 11-Oct-08 14:54:17

Thanks Carmenere smile

BecauseImAWitch Sat 11-Oct-08 14:54:26

teaspoon = 5 ml
dessertspoon = 10 ml
tablespoon = 15 ml

lucysmam Sat 11-Oct-08 14:55:16

I'll make a note of that for future reference. Thanks BecauseImAWitch

grouchyoscar Sat 11-Oct-08 15:01:39

150 ml that you need isn't it?

lucysmam Sat 11-Oct-08 15:52:26

yeah, I just wasn't sure how much a tablespoon held. Thought I'd check before ruining my cake by over-doing it knowing my luck

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