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pumpkin ideas

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elmoandella Sat 11-Oct-08 11:01:45

hi, bought a small sweet pumpkin i found in supermarket today.

was thinking of cutting its head off. baking till all lovely and cooked. then using half the insides to make into nice sweet pumpkin scones. and just getting spoons and having a snack with rest with kids.

anyone got any idea how long and would i need to wrap in tinfoil the pumpking would take.

and any better ideas? havent got a great deal of variety of ingredients as just did a mad dash to shop for essentials before it got stowed as sat. no way am i going back today with 2 toddlers in tow.

GentleGarotter Sat 11-Oct-08 11:12:27

lots of pumpkin recipessmile

elmoandella Sat 11-Oct-08 11:16:17

they were all a bit too exciting and too many ingredients. and no instructions on baking hmm tells you to do it. but not how.

Lubyloo Sat 11-Oct-08 11:29:00

Try watching episode 3 of this. I saw it the other week and he had lots of yummy ideas for things to do with pumpkins.

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