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I would like to make butternut squash risotto..

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lulumama Thu 09-Oct-08 16:06:38

who can provide me with a lovely, simple recipe


wem Thu 09-Oct-08 16:15:50

For 4:

300g arborio risotto rice
150g butter
450g butternut squash
1 red onion
2 garlic cloves
1 litre vegetable stock
75mls white wine
handful of grated parmesan

- chop the squash into 1cm cubes and rost in olive oil for 30 mins

- melt half the butter with 2 tbspns olive oil and fry the onion with the garlic until soft

- add the rice, reduce the heat and make sure the rice is coated

- gradually add the stock, stirring continuously

- when the rice is cooked, add the rest of the butter, the wine and squash, and the parmesan.

Have done this recipe many times, think we might use a little less butter now.

wem Thu 09-Oct-08 16:16:48

(roast the squash, don't rost it, that would be wrong)

mazzystartled Thu 09-Oct-08 16:17:16

well we are having one for supper tonight

I cut up the butternut squash into small pieces [don't peel it]
and roast it till tender
finely diced onion, soften till transparent in a pan with butter or olive oil
stir rice into onion mixture
add stock/wine/water cupful at a time and stir until it is absorbed, continue until rice is cooked
lots of black pepper
toss the roasted squash in with the rice
ta dah
you can add the squash earlier, with the rice if you like it softer

you can also add
gorgonzola or dolcelatte
more butter

depending what you fancy

Overmydeadbody Thu 09-Oct-08 16:17:52

My recipe is almost identical to wen's but I use about 6 cloves of garlic and no wine, salt and pepper, and a chicken stock cube

wem Thu 09-Oct-08 16:18:03

oh, and I think we use a bit more squash.

ditzzy Thu 09-Oct-08 16:25:12

You weigh the squash? Don't they just come in whole ones?

The parmesan is essential by the way grin

pofaced Thu 09-Oct-08 16:26:52

Add plenty of rosemary and crushed garlc to the squash before you roast it

wem Thu 09-Oct-08 16:31:34

ditzzy - that's why I think we probably use more, don't normally weigh it, was just copying out the recipe I had.

lulumama Thu 09-Oct-08 16:32:58

thank you for the lovely recipes!!
just need to know how to cut the squash before roasting, you need a chainsaw usually !

wem Thu 09-Oct-08 16:35:16

with a big, very sharp, knife! (And possibly a handy rolling pin for whacking it with when you get stuck)

2point4kids Thu 09-Oct-08 16:35:47

mazzy - so you eat the skin of the squash? is that ok to give to babies too do you think?
I normally give the lo's the same as what we have and I like the sound of butternut squash risotto..

mazzystartled Thu 09-Oct-08 17:46:44

yes, would think so - esp if add squash to rice at early-ish stage. it softens up nicely when its roasted

BlingLovin Thu 09-Oct-08 17:57:36

this is weird... I was planning butternut squash risotto tonight. Agree with pofaced on rosemary and garlic. I like the pancetta idea too - I think I''ll throw some in at the end as we have some gorgeous bacon (okay, not quite the same) from our local market.

Overmydeadbody Thu 09-Oct-08 18:26:17

But peeling a squash isn't exactly hard is it? Or is it just me?

mazzystartled Thu 09-Oct-08 18:27:54

peeling a butternut squash is a pita
it puts me off

majeika Thu 09-Oct-08 18:30:50

We are having this tomorrow with pan fried scallops on the top <<ponce>>

majeika Thu 09-Oct-08 18:30:54

We are having this tomorrow with pan fried scallops on the top <<ponce>>

Overmydeadbody Thu 09-Oct-08 18:31:40

Really? No different to peeling a potaot or carrot surely?

mmmm scallops <drool>

lucysmam Thu 09-Oct-08 18:39:41

OMDB, you peel with a spud peeler or a knife?

I can never get the skin off without hacking myself up on the odd occasion we have one!

Overmydeadbody Thu 09-Oct-08 18:42:52

with a heavy duty spud peeler.

I cut off the top, cut it in half, peel the long neck first, then peel the bottom bulbous part, which is, admittedly, a bit trickier.

Overmydeadbody Thu 09-Oct-08 18:44:09

I used to have to peel about three a day at work though, so have plenty of practice!

lucysmam Thu 09-Oct-08 18:44:48

maybe that's where I've been going wrong then! Will give spud peeler a go next time we have one. Which looking at the recipes on here could be sooner than I thought since they're looking tasty tasty tasty grin

lulumama Thu 09-Oct-08 19:12:50

than you all ! i will try the spud peeler again.. although i nearly lost the several fingers last time i tried peeling one!

harpomarx Thu 09-Oct-08 19:15:57

have you got a U-shaped peeler, lulumama, they are genius!

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