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Create a meal for 2 from one left over chicken breast.........

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devonsmummy Wed 08-Oct-08 14:26:57

any suggestions?

DH AND ds have had chicken ,sweetcorn mayo sarnies for lunch so there's another chicken breast to use today.

TIA smile

dustystar Wed 08-Oct-08 14:27:52

You could make a chicken pasta dish.

Carmenere Wed 08-Oct-08 14:28:27

Shred it and toss it into lots of stir-fried vegetables or shred it and make fajitas with it.

Hassled Wed 08-Oct-08 14:29:23

Curry with an awful lot of sauce. You can also lob in any vegetables that are kicking around.

Kif Wed 08-Oct-08 14:30:02

make mushroom risotto and stir through some cooked chicken just before serving.

chicken enchladas (layer tortillas w/ tomato salsa chopped chicken/pepper/onion and grated cheese and bake

BlackPussyCat Wed 08-Oct-08 14:31:39

Chicken & Mushroom risotto?

Add some chopped onion and lots of mushrooms to bulk it out. Maybe stick in some tarragon/parsley at the end. 150g risotto rice would be enough for 2 I think

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Wed 08-Oct-08 14:31:40

Have just done that very thing! Is casseroling in the oven now with some onions and a carrot I found at the bottom of the fridge, and some tins that were out of date & I am slowly working thru..(tomatoes, chick peas, flageolet beans) am feeling so virtuous @ my thrift that I will buy myslef a bar of chocolate later grin

devonsmummy Wed 08-Oct-08 14:48:38

Chicken pasta I've done to death and DH would rather go without.

Risotto I love but always comes out sticky!

So it's gonna be chicken, courgette, onion and mushroom fajitas I think. I've half a jar of salsa in the fridge so job done.


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