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what did you have for your tea!?????

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astonmartin Wed 02-Mar-05 17:32:41

Just wondering what poeple had for there tea, really to give me some hins-tips, on what to do my little family for tea!

NotQuiteCockney Wed 02-Mar-05 17:33:29

We're having some sort of pak choi, garlic, brown rice, egg sort of dish. I think.

Hulababy Wed 02-Mar-05 17:38:57

We are having a cheating tea tonight - fresh, filled pasta with a ready made, fresh sauce - and garlic bread. Naughty, but yummy

womba1 Wed 02-Mar-05 17:44:45

We're having salmon fillets with steamed brocolli, mange tout, baby corns and new pots... followed by incredibly fattening blueberry cheesecake!!

SPARKLER1 Wed 02-Mar-05 17:50:34

DDs are, as we speak, scoffing sliced carrotts, chicken steaks in breadcrumbs and smiley faces. Nice and easy. Not sure what dh and I will be having yet - I fancy being naughty and having a chinese. Not pay day until Friday so looks like it's something out of the freezer.

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Mar-05 17:52:16

yesterdays homemade beef curry and brown bread

Slink Wed 02-Mar-05 17:58:35

Pizza and Garlic bread with yesterday's mince on top.............. i know bad but served with a salad

albert Wed 02-Mar-05 17:58:49

Dh is not in tonight so I'm eating yesterdays leftovers which is homemade turkey, leek and mushroom pie. DS had pasta with tomatoes, olives, cucmber and an apple.

Beetroot Wed 02-Mar-05 17:59:10

Message withdrawn

SPARKLER1 Wed 02-Mar-05 18:02:21

RTKangaMummy - I love leftover curry. Nothing like a nice warmed up curry from the chinese takeaway for breakfast. Mmmmmmmm

astonmartin Wed 02-Mar-05 18:03:34

yesterday we had fillet of salmon with new potatoes and salad, and i dont mind saying i could of eaten it all over again!

sparklymieow Wed 02-Mar-05 18:04:01

we had pizza from Pizza hut, couldn't be bothered and I do it once in a while as a treat for the kids!

Tinker Wed 02-Mar-05 18:06:30

Something healthy . Want chips now.

SeaShells Wed 02-Mar-05 18:08:40

Not chips!

Pizza. (almost as bad!)

Hulababy Wed 02-Mar-05 18:12:15

Erase my first post. DH is bring in fish, chips and peas

stitch Wed 02-Mar-05 18:13:30

kids had pizza from freezer. not sure what ill have, as have eaten all the crusts from theire plates, and some cheese, and some toasted pine nuts which dd was eating.

Gobbledigook Wed 02-Mar-05 18:16:10

Kids had - pasta and sauce but still hungry so then had jam toast, cubes of cheese, breadsticks and low fat crisps. DS1 has just asked for more but I need to do a shop and am out of food!

DH is having pork chops I think but I'll just have cereal cos got to work when he gets in at 7pm till 9pm so I can watch Life Begins and Desperate Housewives - by 9pm it's too late for 'heavy food' so just rice krispies and a Mars Bar!!

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Mar-05 18:16:26


I really love it with brown bread rather than rice

But DH thinks I am mad

Well I am mad but that's a different thread

Gobbledigook Wed 02-Mar-05 18:17:00

Oooh Hulababy, wish I'd not just seen your post about chippy chips!!!

Enid Wed 02-Mar-05 18:17:56

kids had chicken and pasta bake and broccoli then we made fairy cakes.

dh and I are having meatballs and spaghetti and salad

Hulababy Wed 02-Mar-05 18:18:00


Gobbledigook Wed 02-Mar-05 18:22:34

I might send dh for some at 10 to 9 now so I can have them when Life Begins comes on

Cod Wed 02-Mar-05 18:30:37

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Wed 02-Mar-05 18:39:03

DD had sausages & mash (sneaky extra veg hidden in it mash )

The rest of us (me, DH, DS1 & DS2) will be having thai green curry (with turkey) and rice

emkana Wed 02-Mar-05 19:46:14

We had pork chops, mashed potatoes, leek and cauliflower with cheese sauce, plus apple sauce.

I feel incredibly virtuous and domestic goddess-y because I made everything myself, even the apple sauce. Bought a packet of cheese sauce mix but decided to make my own when I saw the ingredient list.

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