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Can I put Seville oranges in a cake?

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motherinferior Wed 02-Mar-05 14:58:24

The fetching young Antipodean who delivers our organic boxes gave me an extra bag of Seville oranges today (I flatter myself that this was a tribute to my charms, but even I can realise that the lure of my sheepskin slippers has its limits). I seem vaguely to remember that Nigella bungs them in a cake and as I was thinking of making a lemon cake this week, would they be a Subtly Delicious Alternative?

Don't tell me to make marmalade, please don't, I can't face it.

gingerbear Wed 02-Mar-05 15:03:41

You should've got the fetching young antipodean to squeeze your Sevilles for you.
fnar fnar.

suzywong Wed 02-Mar-05 15:04:13


gingerbear Wed 02-Mar-05 15:06:07

Seville Orange Tart?

gingerbear Wed 02-Mar-05 15:06:45

not trying to insinuate anything about you MI

motherinferior Wed 02-Mar-05 15:09:06

Just call me Nellie Gwynne.

Prettybird Wed 02-Mar-05 15:12:40

There is a cake - and you're right, it is a case of cooking them and blitzing them, skins and all. I'll look it up this evening. You've reminded me that I have some Seville ornages sitting in the fridge. I might make that cake for Sunday lunch, when I have some friends coming round.

Prettybird Wed 02-Mar-05 15:13:43

Oops - I'm too slow! I got called into a conference call as I was typing my response and didn't see it had moved on!

motherinferior Wed 02-Mar-05 15:15:17

No, I want a cake! I suspect it would be fabulous! I reckon I could just use them instead of lemons, tbh, why not?

gingerbear Wed 02-Mar-05 15:19:17

Is it Nell Gwynne - the statue in Dublin who is nicknamed 'The tart with the Cart'
....oh, no twas Molly Malone.

And the one in the fountain ...
Statue of Anna Livia (personification of the River Liffey as a woman sitting on a slope with water running down past her, bubbling) - nicknamed the Hoor in the Sewer, Viagra Falls or the Floozie in the Jacuzzi.

GhostofNatt Wed 02-Mar-05 15:25:33

Nigella has a sponge loaf with seville orange syrup - if that sounds right will dig it out when get a minute...

motherinferior Wed 02-Mar-05 15:31:02

It sounds slaveringly delicious. I knew it was somewhere in Nigella, but Batters has selfishly demanded her copy back.

bundle Wed 02-Mar-05 15:33:46

thank you MI, for creating that lovely Nell Gwynn-like image of you in your sheepies

motherinferior Wed 02-Mar-05 15:34:48

I have a lovely bunch of oranges.

<MI glances over her shoulder for a looming moderator and returns to writing a virtuous article>

bundle Wed 02-Mar-05 15:38:08

i have a lovely zester at home, should you require one cos i have no oranges to zest atm. <<scuttle>>

Prettybird Wed 02-Mar-05 15:49:32

Motherinferior - the one I'm talking about IS a cake. A nice moist cake.

I've found it now - here . It's actually for a Clementine cake - but she talks about making it with orangs, or lemons, in which case she increaes the sugar in it. Given that Seville oranges are quite bitter, I would probably increase the sugar as in the lemon version

Pidge Wed 02-Mar-05 15:54:07

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cake sounds good. Alternatively palm them off on a marmalade maker provided they promise to give you at least a jar of the end product back. We get Seville orange marmalade by the barrow load from dp's mum. In fact my SIL once said "Two people have to die before I have to learn how to make marmalade" .. the two people being her gran, and dp's mum!

motherinferior Wed 02-Mar-05 15:56:33

ooooh, yummerama, I've made that one. And Mr Slater has a nice lemon cake containing ground almonds too. What the hell, I'm going to go for it.

Pidge Wed 02-Mar-05 16:00:53

The Clementine cake is supposed to be fabulous. How tempting ... am in a pre-baby baking frenzy at the moment! Hmmmm ... I cannot possibly find an excuse to make it though, given that I've got about 10 servings of Nigella's Chocolate Truffle Cake in our fridge waiting to be eaten!

bundle Wed 02-Mar-05 16:03:42

ground almonds are the new truffle oil, imo

motherinferior Wed 02-Mar-05 16:05:59

FYI, this lemon cake is the one I'm thinking of doing.

We'll have leftover lemons, natch, but that can be dealt with in its turn.

Prettybird Wed 02-Mar-05 16:16:59

I have made the clemenitne cake - and it was indeed yummy. From memory, I used a mix of Satsumas and clementines that I had in the house.

It deson't need an icing, as it is so moist - but I think if I made it again, I would make a thin orange icing to drizzle it with.

lucysmum Wed 02-Mar-05 16:23:42

I did the clementine cake with normal oranges at Christmas and it was yummy. Are Seville ones more bitter ? Perhaps just add a bit more sugar.

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