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do I have to go to a party to get Pampered Chef stuff

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savetheplanetdontiron Sat 04-Oct-08 16:46:40

I've been to two and they were OK but nights out are pretty rare for me because of lack of babysitting, rubbish DH etc and I really don't want to squander another on a cookery demo. The first one was brilliant but the second demo lady was pants, bless her. I think she was very new to it all (and no, I don't think I could have done better grin). But.... I think the earthenware pots are great for cooking stuff. My cruddy pastries and breads actually turn out OKish and this has not happened before. Anyone know where I can get the stuff without the chat? smile

DANCESwithLordPottingtonSmythe Sat 04-Oct-08 16:49:48

This is a link to the lady who I am ordering stuff from. She did a party I went to ages ago but am ordering stuff from her over the phone...


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