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does anyone else have a george forman?

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nailpolish Wed 02-Mar-05 12:02:10

used it last week to grill salmon - it still stinks! how on earth do i get rid of the smell?

nailpolish Wed 02-Mar-05 14:17:50

am i the only one with a george forman?????????

NomDePlume Wed 02-Mar-05 14:18:54

I think suzywong has one. IIRC she's quite evangellical about it

iota Wed 02-Mar-05 14:18:58

there's been load of threads on this - do a search (and I mean that nicely)

nailpolish Wed 02-Mar-05 14:19:52

iota ive never seen a thread on this before oops

iota Wed 02-Mar-05 14:25:22

skerriesmum Wed 02-Mar-05 14:28:08

You need to clean it really well. I use a wet cloth (and then have to wash the cloth right afterwards!) and then use kitchen paper to wipe it completely dry before putting it away. I hate when dh leaves it all messy after grilling!

nailpolish Wed 02-Mar-05 14:30:15

thanks, i tried that, its just the next time i went to use it i turned it on to heat it up and the kitchen was humming of fish

Niddlynono Wed 02-Mar-05 14:33:06

I've got one but have never cooked fish on it. Isn't there something you can do with lemons or something to mask the smell?

Good luck.

nailpolish Wed 02-Mar-05 14:35:23

ill try that - thanks!

Hulababy Wed 02-Mar-05 20:16:43

I have one and we use it for tuna steaks all the time. I haven't noticed it smelling though, sorry. I just clean mine with paper towels whilst still warm.

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