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Soup's. Does anyone make their own?

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SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Sat 04-Oct-08 13:55:47

My dad makes a lovely one but it has lentils in it and they need soaking overnight before cooking yes? DH has decided that he wants a 'nice warming stodgy soup' for dinner after he finishes work as he feels 'fluey' <read a but tired you know what men are lik>

MIL makes a nice soup with a ham joint and dumplings but I dont want to phone and ask for her recipe as we dont see eye to eye on how I feed DH and I cant be bothered to put up with "See i told you how much he likes what i cook, he is a growing man he needs his meat and veg. All that pasta you give him isn't enough you know" hmm

I think DH will be after something like his mum makes with loads of veg and potatos and dumplings. Anyone got any recipes?

expatinscotland Sat 04-Oct-08 13:57:50

do a search in recipes on 'lentil soup' and you'll find some cracking recipes that are quick and easy and you don't need to soak.

we make all our own soups. haven't had a tinned one in years.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 04-Oct-08 13:57:52

No, lentils don't need soaking at all - they only need about 30 minutes of cooking.

charchargabor Sat 04-Oct-08 14:01:25

I love this one. It's really warming and filling, and really tasty. No meat though.

NotCod Sat 04-Oct-08 14:01:44

not soup's

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Sat 04-Oct-08 14:04:02

Ah right thanks, I'll ring my dad and do his but add dumplings.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Sat 04-Oct-08 14:13:52

Yeah Cod I noticed that after I posted. Soup does not own anything and is therefore Soups. Believe it or not I actually have an A level in English Language. Though I that find hard to believe myself at times grin

my dad boils ham joints too so says i wont have time to make his. So I'm thinking....

Bacon whatever-they-are-calleds (you know those diced bacon bits you can get)
cauliflower and broccoli
and loads of vegtable stock

with dumplings of course. Do you think that will work?

Its either that or beef goulash which sounds a bit complicated and I'm in a throw all in a pot and wait mood.

VersdeSociete Sat 04-Oct-08 14:15:24

Brocc and cauliflower would need to be added late not to turn into mush - I would not put them in a non-pureed-stylee soup personally...

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Sat 04-Oct-08 14:17:33

Veg soup is really easy and filling (sorry I'm a veggie so no meat recipes) fry an onion in some olive oil or butter, add a bit of garlic, then leeks or mushrooms or whatever you fancy having in there, cook it all gently for a bit, then chuck in some cubed potato and carrot, celery, parsnip, frozen peas, pulses like tinned chickpeas or butterbeans etc, a handful or two of red split lentils, add some passata, or just a good squeeze of tomato puree, mixed herbs, veg stock or a couple of veg oxo's in water, and I always add a big pinch of curry powder to add warmth and spice.

Make sure the veg is covered with liquid, stick a lid on it and cook on a lowish heat for a couple of hours, giving it a stir now and then and being careful not to let it boil dry. You can also stick this in a casserole dish and bung it in the oven.

I can't remember the recipe for dumplings off the top of my head but as far as I can remember it's just flour, butter and a pinch of salt, herbs optional (don't quote me on that, haven't made them for years, you probably need suet/veg alternative to suet) you just dump them in the stew for the last 30 min of cooking. hth

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Sat 04-Oct-08 14:18:18

Right so no broccolli then. Anything else? I'm having trouble finding decent recipes on line.

soremummy Sat 04-Oct-08 14:25:43

Spicy red lentil soup that only needs lentils soaking for an hr first? Can get you link if you want

soremummy Sat 04-Oct-08 14:26:52

this one

VersdeSociete Sat 04-Oct-08 14:27:20

Jamie Oliver has a lovely minestrone recipe - will see if I can find it...

NorbertDentressangle Sat 04-Oct-08 14:29:10

I make a veg and lentil soup that is just based around whatever veg we have lurking.

Last week I did one that had lots of peppers and carrots in (along with onions and mushrooms) -all finely chopped, gentley fry them up, add about 2pints veg stock (Kallo), bring to the boil, add washed lentils (I use either red or yellow ones), boil rapidly for 10-15mins, reduce heat and simmer for about 30mins.

Finally I use a hand-held blender to whizz it up a bit.

Tommy Sat 04-Oct-08 14:33:21

you don't need to soak lentils!

had a lovely veg and lentil soup for lunch today - onion, potato, carrot, parsnip, swede, tin of tomtoes, green lentils, couple of bay leaves and stock. Boil it up then whizz it up - easy as anything and very yummy.

chocolatelady Tue 07-Oct-08 22:39:28

I do a great potato and leeks soup. In a large pot you put 3 large peeled potaoes, 2 onions, and about 3 carrots and 1 garlic clove and enough water to cover all of it and about 2 fingers more. Let them cook till its all soft with a good pinch of salt. Then add about 4 tablespoons of good quality olive oil and get the blender in there. Blend till its all in a creamy stage. Chop the leeks (white part only) quite fine in round bits and add them to the creamed soup. Let it all boil for another 30 minutes. And it will all be cooked and ready to serve. Its delicous!

LittleBella Tue 07-Oct-08 22:45:36

I do a left over bolognese sauce one.

onions, peppers, carrots, peas, courgettes, but not necessarily all of that, just what you've got in the fridge, anything else you fancy in the way of cabbage-y type things (but not broccoli or cauli), swizzle them round a bit with olive oil, add the left over bolognese sauce, add tomatoes and/ or puree if you want, beef stock, pasta bits or potato cubes if you want, a bit of rosemary/ bayleaf/ thyme/ oregano/ whatever you've got, heat, reduce a bit, bung a bit of parmesan or other cheese to serve on top. Delish.

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