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What do your children eat for Breakfast??.....Mine are eating the sugariest things known to mankind ATM but surely its better to have that then nothing at all (which would be teh case for ds3)

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ladytophamhatt Sat 04-Oct-08 08:11:51

I remember having toast and jam for my breakfast as a child, then a cup of tea with about 5 sugars in because I couldn't taste it due to the jam.

Is it really that bad?????

I think not incase you hadn't

compo Sat 04-Oct-08 08:13:30

banana and weetabix here
they are only 4 and 2 though so haven't had a taste of a sugary cereal
when they do (no doubt at grandma's) I'll just tell them they can have it round other people's houses but not here
I had sultana bran when I was a teen, toast as a primary school kids iirc

belgo Sat 04-Oct-08 08:14:38

nothing wrong with a bit of sugar, and the morning is the best time to have it so it gets used up as energy through the day.

Furball Sat 04-Oct-08 08:15:18

2 x croissants - one with honey the other with chocolate spread. saturday treat.

ladytophamhatt Sat 04-Oct-08 08:15:22

weetabix causes havoc in ds4s nappy.....<vom>

spicemonster Sat 04-Oct-08 08:15:41

Shreddies here and then a banana. Sometimes some toast (no jam). Only his grandma gives him jam. She makes it herself - she's a jam pusher ...

IllegallyBrunette Sat 04-Oct-08 08:16:10

Mine normally have a choice of...

Toast (with jam, butter or marmite)
Ready Brek

ladytophamhatt Sat 04-Oct-08 08:17:34

belgo, prob abit more then "a bit of sugar" these are cookie crisp...even for me they are too sugarshock[faints] grin
they rae quite horrid actually.

LittleBella Sat 04-Oct-08 08:17:55

Rice krispies/ cornflakes followed by toast.

Not sure if loads of sugar is a good idea as it can cause a a mid morning dip. Is OK if compensated for by something mid-morning.

spicemonster Sat 04-Oct-08 08:18:32

I don't think there's anything wrong with jam incidentally - he just makes such a vile mess with it that I can't be bothered (he already ends up with crispy hair because he puts the cereal bowl on his head)

LittleBella Sat 04-Oct-08 08:18:37

oh yeah occasionally i insist on a piece of fruit but not often because ds is resistant

Nbg Sat 04-Oct-08 08:18:50

Atm dd's and ds1's favourites are Chocolate Weetos and Cheerios.

Give it two weeks and they'll move onto a different cereal.
We never have the same ones all the time and I can guarentee that they're usually all sugary ones.

I used to have a cup of tea with sugar and a bowl full of sainsburys own cookies grin
My mother gave in eventually because thats all I would eat for breakfast, lol.

Buda Sat 04-Oct-08 08:19:10

DS has just had almost 2 chocolate croissants. Weekends only for chocolate at breakfast.

On school days he has weetabix with sugar or toast with either peanut butter or philadelphia. Strange child doesn't like jam or honey.

I am hungover so have had a glass of blackcurrant ice tea and 2 nurofen. Just having a cup of tea. Waiting for DH to get up to make me some breakfast.

zippitippitoes Sat 04-Oct-08 08:19:34

what are they eating then?

i think sugar in cake fine

as honey fine

never sugar in tea tho

and never sugar on cereal because you dont need it imo

and i wouldnt buy cereals like sugar puffs or frosties

so sugar per se not a bad thing but it does play havoc with blood sugar levels and i am a fan of keeping blood sugar stable so prefer pear and oats

norksinmywaistband Sat 04-Oct-08 08:20:50

my 2 normally have a choice of weetabix, porridge,rice crispies,toast,eggs, fruit, yogurt for breakfast and as a weekend treat are allowed a sugary cereal
they are currently tucking into weetos in front of cbeebiesblush

AbbaFan Sat 04-Oct-08 08:22:47

I avoid really sugary cereals.

My kids love bagels with cream cheese, eggs (boiled or omlette) if I have time.

On a normal day, it's toast (home-made and half wholemeal) with organic peanut butter, plus a banana. I know peanut butter is not exactly low-fat, but as it's organic there are no nasty's in it and the nuts provide good energy.

ImnotMamaGbutsheLovesMe Sat 04-Oct-08 08:23:29

I'm not sure how old DS3 is but if you are not happy with what he is eating, don't buy it and try something completely different. Kids generally won't starve and there are lots of ideas for breakfast food. I do sympathise as my DD used to eat barely enough to keep a bird going but since she ha been at school she eats really well.

School days they have porridge/ weekends cheerios, rice crispies, fruit and fibre, cornflakes.
Toast, crumpets, fruit, milk, yogurt.

Today they have had rice crispies and cheerios, crumpets, raspberry and choc chip muffins fresh from the oven.

QOD Sat 04-Oct-08 08:23:37

mine is eating fish fingers & smiley faces LOL
Very rare treat, "cooked" breakfast for her

She is drinking banana & apple juice

Nemoandthefishes Sat 04-Oct-08 08:24:13

mine would love to eat any of the super sugary crap but particular favourite is choc chip brioche so I make them have a plain cereal first or toast and then if they eat it all they can have a brioche

sockmonkey Sat 04-Oct-08 08:25:21

LTH, cookie crisp is horrid. Luckily my kids didn't like it much, but they do generally have chocolatey cereal, cocoa pops (own brand though) chocolate loops or similar.
I Love jam on toast, but chocolate spread on toast has more sugary goodness I'm sure wink

compo Sat 04-Oct-08 08:25:26

my nephew (12) has a ham sandwich for breakfast!

brimfull Sat 04-Oct-08 08:27:29

my ds is having dry toast hmm

TsarChasm Sat 04-Oct-08 08:28:33

Dd likes grapefruits shock Even I wouldn't eat one but she loves them.

We have healthy things like yougurt and honey, toast, porrigde but there are also a fair few boxes of crap coco pops and cookie crisp in the cupboard too and they like them as well. If they want that it's better than no breakfast.

TheGashlycrumbTinies Sat 04-Oct-08 08:32:11

Mine have had orange juice / milk.

Baked beans, tomatoes, and sausages, toast and butter.

Then some apple and banana.

DD's 5 and 3, 5 year old off riding so needs her energy, 3 year old likes to pretend she is at the "hometel" on holiday.

BreevandercampLGJ Sat 04-Oct-08 08:32:12

During the week, cereal and a slice of toast with sugar free jam.

At the weekend, anything goes within reason.

This morning it was, an onion bagel with bacon in it.

Last weekend it was an avocado and bowl of black olives. grin

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