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nigella christmas

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jenk1 Fri 03-Oct-08 21:07:03

ooh i didnt know she had a new book out,dont think ive seen this one before,may have to buy. grin


Cappuccino Fri 03-Oct-08 21:08:41

oh I watched her Xmas programme one day on Xmas eve while downing a lot of sherry


"here take your turkey, and stick it in a massive garden trug with a load of water and some bits of star anise floating on top of it"

"then cover your house in oranges and grapes and invite people round to stare at them"

jenk1 Fri 03-Oct-08 21:14:17

haha i know she is funny isnt she grin

but ever since i made her ham in cola ive been a fan.

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