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Party box food - does this sound ok for 6yo party?

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milge Wed 01-Oct-08 18:29:43

3 triangles of ham/cheese/jam sandwiches
6 cut up grapes
3 cut up cherry tomaotes and cucumber sticks
Babybel/Cheddar stick
handful of home made popcorn( no salt/sugar)
handful of ready salted crisps
1 gingerbread man with name iced on
1 choc cupcake or cadburys mini roll

Squash or water to drink

bumbling Wed 01-Oct-08 18:48:18

Sounds great to me.

lucysmam Wed 01-Oct-08 18:57:58

yum! can I come please grin

missblythe Wed 01-Oct-08 19:01:12

Sounds fab. Not sure that I'd bother cutting up the grapes or tomatoes though.

But then, I am a lazy breeches.

lucysmam Wed 01-Oct-08 20:37:09

Cut them . . . make them last longer = more peace grin

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