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snigger smiley faces on foffer at tesco

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Cod Tue 01-Mar-05 11:48:28

Message withdrawn

marialuisa Tue 01-Mar-05 11:52:55

So, did you stock up then Cod?

Cod Tue 01-Mar-05 11:55:31

Message withdrawn

dinosaur Tue 01-Mar-05 11:57:09

I will have to email DH and get him to stock up. DS1 does eat ordinary boiled pots but every so often is allowed a night off for good behaviour. Mind you our freezer is full of organic stuff lovingly cooked and blended for DS3 by yours truly.

Cod Tue 01-Mar-05 11:57:38

Message withdrawn

snafu Tue 01-Mar-05 11:58:24

No turkey dinosaurs though?

(Wtf are Humzingers Fruit Stix, btw??)

Cod Tue 01-Mar-05 12:01:04

Message withdrawn

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