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Do you give your kids puddings? I do, most days but am running out of ideas...yummy, easy ones please!

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PoorOldEnid Wed 01-Oct-08 10:49:31

I like to give them a pudding, they are like rakes and if they are homemade puds I don't feel bad about it.

I do:
apple sponge
apple crumble
fruit salad
honey yogurt
ice cream (once every couple of weeks)

but have run out of ideas.

lucysmam Wed 01-Oct-08 10:56:33

Mine loves lemon drizzle cake with custard

jam roly poly?
crumble with something different in it?
angel whirl every now & again wouldn't be too bad I don't think

mackerel Wed 01-Oct-08 11:00:52

baked apples stuffed with raisins and brown sugar with icecream
chocolate brioche bread and butter pudding - slice up a loaf of brioche, spread with nutella and pour a milk, cream and egg mix on and bake. VV yummy and a fave but obv. not a low cal option|!
Golden syrup sponge

PoorOldEnid Wed 01-Oct-08 11:01:22

mmm jam roly poly

<<adds to list>>

do you mean angel delight?

mine dont like it

even the butterscotch flavour

how can that be, they are not my children

PoorOldEnid Wed 01-Oct-08 11:01:55

baked apples! genius

Rubyrubyruby Wed 01-Oct-08 11:02:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsBadger Wed 01-Oct-08 11:03:08

cheat by making normal cakes and serving with custard

there are more cake recipes out there than 'pudding' ones IME

MrsMattie Wed 01-Oct-08 11:05:02

DS is a fruit monster and has chopped up fruit, fruit salad, or yoghurt & honey most days.

He also likes custard, rice pudding, crumble and any type of cake as a treat (he is also a cake monster, like his mumma!).

I hadn't thought of baked apple. Bet he'll love that - might make it today!

MrsMattie Wed 01-Oct-08 11:05:36

Oh, and ice cream! He loves Banana Splits and ice cream floats.

MrsBadger Wed 01-Oct-08 11:08:55

oh and milk jelly

and jelly mousse (whip tin of evaoprated milk, fold in nearly-set jelly made with 1/2 normal vol of water)

Megglevache Wed 01-Oct-08 11:12:33

I make a really yummy coconut rice pudding is so sweet and stodgy with a plop of St Dalfour raspberry jam. I make it to try and get some weight on ds grin
Banoffe pie goes down well in this house too (I make up the caramel separately and store in the fridge) crush some biscuits with a bit of butter/caramel/creamy stuff of choice and bananas.

Pancakes again using the caramel and bananas goes quickly in this house.

Tinned pineapple with crunchy breadcrumbs (crumble mixture with a couple of hobnobs crused)

I make with crushed tinned pineapple, double cream and lemon jelly (leave to set for a few house) and top with chocolate curls (ds's job)

Not very exciting but does the trick chez Megs.

hotcrossbunny Wed 01-Oct-08 11:12:39

Baked bananas?
Fruit kebabs with chocolate sauce
Stewed fruit and custard

Will keep thinking

PoorOldEnid Wed 01-Oct-08 11:13:23

yy I guess I can just make cakes

but then I eat them

<<adds milk jelly to list>>

Megglevache Wed 01-Oct-08 11:13:51

<adds choc B&B pudding to list>


SaintGeorge Wed 01-Oct-08 11:13:52

Spotted Dick and custard.

I love stodge.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Wed 01-Oct-08 11:14:44

not often but when i do give them it its:

home made cheesecake
apple pie and custard
banana and custard
fruit crumble with cream or custard
angel delight
ice cream
rice pudding

Furball Wed 01-Oct-08 11:15:23

how do you do baked bananas?

PoorOldEnid Wed 01-Oct-08 11:15:28

pancakes of course!

MrsMattie Wed 01-Oct-08 11:19:57

Ooh, DS loves baked bananas with chocolatey things in them. I split a banana down the middle, bung Maltesers/chocolate buttons / whatever in the middle, then wrap tightly in foil and bung in oven for 15 mins or so. Lovely with ice cream.

Pancakes is a good one, yes@hotcrossbunny

Megglevache Wed 01-Oct-08 11:24:24

I nearly forgot if you make the coconut rice pudding with ground rice instead of pudding rice and use double cream also I put it in the freezer for a hour or so and hey presto, coconut ice cream grin

MadameCastafiore Wed 01-Oct-08 11:26:49

Ice Cream
Gu Chocolate Pots (if they have been very good!)
Strawberries and Cream or Yogurt
Jam Roly Poly & Custard
Pot of Custard
Pot of Stewed Fruit

Most days they don't get pudding though - don't want them having bloody expectations!

hotcrossbunny Wed 01-Oct-08 11:30:52

Can either bake bananas in their skins with chocolate(YUM) or slice them into ovenproof dish, dot lumps of butter over, scatter some brown sugar over the top with a pinch of cinnamon and put in oven for 20 mins. They go sticky and caramelly and gorgeous. We love them with ice cream or greek yoghurtsmile

Am going to keep this thread for future reference. We love puddings in the hotcross house!

hannahsaunt Wed 01-Oct-08 11:38:09

Nigella Express chocolate pear pudding thing - fabulous. Serve with custard or ice cream or chocolate sauce (or all 3?). Takes 5 mins to whizz together.

Seeline Wed 01-Oct-08 11:38:26

Only have 'posh' puddings at the weekend, otherwise it's standard yogurts/fromage frais type things, or fruit in some form (fresh, pureed pots or smoothy things). Weekends usually involve some form of fruit crumble, fruit flans, cheesecakes or - the kids favourite - trifle!

Megglevache Wed 01-Oct-08 11:46:37

that choc pear thing looks amazing.

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