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Thai curry questions?

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georgeclooneyfan Fri 26-Sep-08 12:49:00

Just make a red veg thai curry and the sauce seems quite runny!Does anyone know if this is normal never made one before hoping to serve tomorrow night not sure if the veg will be too soggy by then?. Should I have make it on the day?Thanks in advance

NomDePlume Fri 26-Sep-08 12:51:10

thai curry tends not to keep very well, unlike indian curries.

It is normal for the sauce to be thin, yes. You can thicken it if you like but it has always been thin when I've eaten it in Thai restaurants, so I keep it thin at home.

Piffle Fri 26-Sep-08 12:51:24

what veg?
Also you can lob in peanut butter to thicken and flavour
And/Or a few small cubes potatoes

georgeclooneyfan Fri 26-Sep-08 12:52:36

Thanks NomDePlume for the advice I may try and make another one tomorrow going to do a yellow chicken one as well.

georgeclooneyfan Fri 26-Sep-08 12:53:51

Thanks Piffle I never thought of that. The veg I have used is Butternut Squash, green beans and baby sweetcorn and the Squash is soggy already woops!

Piffle Fri 26-Sep-08 12:59:12

yeah squash does
I love peppers in as well
You could take out soggy squash and add fresh or add at end of reheating as it might disintegrate if stirred!!!!
I love thai we cook it a fair bit too

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