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Have large bucket beetroot and large chest freezer. Anyone know what I do next?

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Winebeforepearls Fri 26-Sep-08 12:06:24

I think I should blanche/boil them first - how long should they be boiled for?


Winebeforepearls Fri 26-Sep-08 12:23:36

Aha, 50 minutes says BBC. Cor, will be toiling over stove for some time I fear.

ecoworrier Fri 26-Sep-08 14:16:16

Depends on size - mine took anywhere from 1 hour to 2 1/2 hours. Then I cooled them, sliced them and froze them. Have also pickled lots and frozen lots as soup!

twoluvlykids Fri 26-Sep-08 14:18:04

beetroot carrot, but use beetroot instead of carrot. freezes really well.can't taste the beetroot, and it comes out pink.

twoluvlykids Fri 26-Sep-08 14:18:27

just grate them raw into the mix,don't cook them first

Winebeforepearls Fri 26-Sep-08 14:37:46

Eco, thanks for that. I am lacking pickling jars, or soup containers for that matter, so I think they're just going into freezer bags til I can afford a Lakeland order.

TLK, beetroot cake sounds great, especially the pink bit - 3 girls here.

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