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alpen for under 2's!

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Evesmama Mon 28-Feb-05 08:52:51

is it okay?, dd 22 months is always snaffling mine!

muminlondon Mon 28-Feb-05 14:19:39

I think there's too much sugar. In fact, it's quite sugary even for an adult as the Observer food guide pointed out a couple of weeks ago. I used to buy a brilliant baby Organix muesli but I can't find it anywhere now. you could try Jordans muesli and take out the whole nuts?

maomao Mon 28-Feb-05 14:42:42

Agree with muminlondon. We used to eat Alpen until I read that it had sooooo much sugar. Too bad, since I really like it!

hoxtonchick Mon 28-Feb-05 14:53:30

how about a museli with no added sugar? you can really nice ones which have loads of different dried fruit so they still taste sweet.

PiccadillyCircus Mon 28-Feb-05 15:06:47

DS (15 months) sometimes snaffles some of mine .

But mainly I manage to keep my breakfast to myself and I don't always eat Alpen anyway.

I have no idea how he can like Weetabix with no sugar on, but he does .

Evesmama Mon 28-Feb-05 22:24:13

normally get the 'sugar free' one, but this one isnt, ive been eating it like its going out of fashion and dd loves it, but also loves weetabix with raisins in!...try it...most foul thing youve ever tasted!

Carla Mon 28-Feb-05 22:26:54

Evesmama, if you have a co-op near you they're doing the sugary one for half price (97p) at the mo. I'm on a box a day but swear this will be my last one ......

Evesmama Mon 28-Feb-05 22:27:58


i thought i was bad

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