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Two organisational questions, labelling stuff, and preparing veg

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MarlaSinger Thu 25-Sep-08 15:58:30

1. How far in advance would you be prepared to chop and keep veg for dinner, eg peppers, courgettes etc for a lasagne, or carrots, broc etc to go with something - to keep in lock and lock containers in the fridge - is 3, 4, 5 days too much?

2. If you batch cook and use lock and lock or similar how do you label them in the freezer? At the moment I don't know what's what so it can be a bit of a surprise, I just know that top shelf = goes with pasta and bottom = goes with rice - not very organised...

MarlaSinger Thu 25-Sep-08 15:59:11

oh and maybe even peeling pots for mashing, how long would you keep

am back to work and keeping going 'shit, we've nothing for dinner'......

missmama Thu 25-Sep-08 16:12:51

CAnt help with the timings but I write directly on those pots with the pens you use to write on CDs. Stays on great in the fridge/freezer but comes off easily in soapy water.
I also batch cook and freeze if I have spent time chopping.
You can freeze mash, but pots dont keep well in the fridge.

MarlaSinger Thu 25-Sep-08 17:23:48

Oh thanks, I thought that would be permanent, I'll give it a whirl.

I thought pots might be a no go, and I am not fond of mash once frozen. I guess I could peel at lunchtime, given the chance, and leave in a pan of water till the evening at least - might help now and then.

MarlaSinger Fri 26-Sep-08 08:12:11

More thoughts on the veg? Am determined to be Super Organised....

KatyMac Fri 26-Sep-08 08:15:29

I buy frozen sliced peppers & mushrooms & chopped onion - they are great & have really helped me

MarlaSinger Fri 26-Sep-08 08:16:46

Ooh where from Katy?

Furball Fri 26-Sep-08 08:18:38

me katymac - I get mine (onion, pepper and mushroom) from sainsburys, so easy and you can then use as much/little as you need.

Furball Fri 26-Sep-08 08:19:14

oops should read 'me too Katymac'

KatyMac Fri 26-Sep-08 08:20:08

Tescos & Asda

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 26-Sep-08 08:32:22

Trouble is, if you peel potatoes and leave them in water you are losing all their nutritional content!

And it only takes 30 minutes to do mash - surely you can do that if everything else is sorted?

Come home, put pan of water on to boil and whilst it's boiling peel potatoes - should take you 5 minutes max.

Then while they're cooking (20 minutes) you can be doing whatever else you need to. Once you've drained them, that's the point that you can leave them for a bit if you need to - just add warm milk and then reheat in the microwave.

Or even easier, do potato wedges - they don't even have to be peeled! Just slice, season and chuck in the oven with some oil drizzled over them.

MarlaSinger Fri 26-Sep-08 08:49:42

I'm left handed and peeling potatoes seems to take forever. I am sure millions of other lefties manage fine but no matter how I do it it feels awkward. DP is a whizz though. Delegating is being organised, right?

Am going to Tesco today, I'll look out for the frozen veg, but without wanting to sound paranoid I would worry a bit about the quality - when you choose your own pepper you can see that it's not wrinkled or a bit soft etc...

But needs must!

I can't believe that I ever thought I was busy when I had no children, no DP, and 'doing dinner' involved making a bit of toast.

Furball Fri 26-Sep-08 09:41:39

marla - have you tried \link\http://www.anythi\left handed stuff}

Furball Fri 26-Sep-08 09:42:12

sorry \link\left handed stuff}

Furball Fri 26-Sep-08 09:42:37

HELP left handed stuff

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 26-Sep-08 09:50:16

Don't use a peeler - more fuss than they're worth. Just use a short bladed vegetable knife. Much easier! (As long as you keep it sharp)

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