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cut veg losing nutrients?

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dontbitemytoes Wed 24-Sep-08 17:47:52

ok, can anyone help me with this? if you chop up veg for a slow cooker the night before, put them all together in the crock pot and put them in the fridge (ready to put on slow cooker in morning) will they lose all their nutrients? if not, do they lose some?

Also, if i use say half a butternut suash and put the rest, clingfilmed, in the fridge for another day, has that unused half lost all of its nutritional content? or is it just the bit thats been exposed to the air?

many thanks

sneekpeeks Wed 24-Sep-08 20:09:18

Think anything that has been cut loses nutrients even if it is covered with clingfilm.
I have this same worry-like to prepare stuff when DS sleeping or occupied-I tend to leave in water and then use that water to make sauce/gravy.

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