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Mint Custard??????????

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jenk1 Sat 20-Sep-08 11:02:21

I have my 16yr old neice staying with me atm, i was asking her what meals she likes and she said can we have a school dinner nighte with meat,veg and gravy,pudding and mint custard.

i dont remember mint custard at school and i havent seen it anywhere to buy,does anyone know how to make it or where i can get it from?


DaisySteiner Sat 20-Sep-08 11:08:37

Ooh yes, I remember mint custard! I think it was slightly green-coloured, so I think you might need to add a little bit of green food colouring and some mint flavouring to 'normal' custard.

dandycandyjellybean Sat 20-Sep-08 15:57:58

it was always served with chocolate cornflake cake at my school, may have to make some now!!!!

dandycandyjellybean Sat 20-Sep-08 15:58:30

and you need to serve your mashed potato out with an ice cream scoop!

SaintRobertNewton Sat 20-Sep-08 17:21:22

Make a white sauce and add peppermint essence and green food colouring.

Or if you have some fresh mint, sling some in the milk as you boil it. Leave to stand for about 15 minutes to absorb flavour, strain then use to make white sauce. Then add colouring.

Do not make with ordinary custard, tastes weird.

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