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Lentil soup, do i have to cook lentils 1st before i add??

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chocohead Sat 20-Sep-08 10:18:48


I am making lentil soup for the 1st time and am unsure do i just rinse lentils 1st then cook everyhing together or do i cook them then add


Furball Sat 20-Sep-08 10:20:12

the ones I buy you don't need to soak first, does it say on the packet? sometimes there's a recipe on there which might give a hint or something.

2cats2many Sat 20-Sep-08 10:20:58

Depends if they are red or green lentils. The red ones can be bunged straight in.

katiepotatie Sat 20-Sep-08 10:21:00

I just rinse them and add to the soup, the packet says 30 mins cooking so it should be okay.

Majeika Sat 20-Sep-08 10:21:17

red lentils dont need soaking

which ones do you have?

OooWowOooArr Sat 20-Sep-08 10:21:42

NO, do your onions/bacon and other stuff first to get flavour in the pan. Chuck in the carrots and harder veg and then the stock and tinned toms. Finally add the lentils and relax! Whack them in, you can always add more stock/water if it looks to gloopy.

fresh erbs too if you have any.

chocohead Sat 20-Sep-08 10:23:32

They are red lentils, but on the pack it says cook and skim the top ? think i will just rinse and add them in

Thanks so much for quick replies, i am trying cook more from scratch, but always afraid im going to poison everyone smile

OooWowOooArr Sat 20-Sep-08 10:42:05

Ooh you won't. If anyone complains i.e. EVERYONE, remove plates and eat yours whilst singing happily.

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