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I want to cook a nice meal for my boyfriend but he is a chef!

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charlotte121 Fri 19-Sep-08 12:41:12

Im rubbish at cooking so it needs to be fairly simple but tasty and I want it to look nice. Any suggestions? Oh and he isnt keen on vegetables hmm..........weirdo grin

bubblagirl Fri 19-Sep-08 14:38:24

you can buy packet sauce for hunters chicken

wrap chicken breast in bacon cook for about 20 mins cover with sauce and cheese it is the best flavours and so yummy

always a winner and so simple it really is fool proof it tells you on pack exactly how to do it mine is just a guesstimate as dp always cooks it but it is simple and easy but very very tastey

bubblagirl Fri 19-Sep-08 14:38:54

with a bit of creamy mash on side it is filling so probably wont need veg anyway

suzywong Fri 19-Sep-08 14:45:44

all chefs appreciate the thought and effort
think carefully at what you are best at cooking. There must be something that you do well, even if it is VERY simple.
fancy is not the aim here, but cook the best you can and with love.

now think what you can do?
what is YOUR favourite dish?

witchandchips Fri 19-Sep-08 14:52:53

lots of chefs like to eat simple or crap food on their days off as they have probably had their fill of airy fairy towers with avocado foam i would do something like sausages and mash/a fry up/ kedgiree

charlotte121 Fri 19-Sep-08 16:13:31

lol witchandchips thats so right.... he eats those horrible ruslters burgers all the time. he hardly ever cooks food for himself. He's a skinny little thing lol. But i fully intend to fatten him up. Bubbla girl that sounds really nice and the type of thing he would eat too.
I just cheakily asked him what his fave food is and he said sausage and mash. Theres a farm shop by my mum that does really nice sausages which arnt actually too expencive so I might do that with some red onions and some mash and gravey Can buy something for pudding maybe.

Mercy Fri 19-Sep-08 16:23:01

I used to go out with a chef (why did I ever let him go?) and he always preferred something simple when eating at home (as others have said).

Your sauasage and mash idea is a good one imo.

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