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toast for 7 month old

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Spongebob Fri 25-Feb-05 13:47:36

My 7 month old has been munching lightly buttered toast for about 3 weeks now and loves it, however my HV has just informed me to beware that bread contains far too much salt for babies. Anyone know of any low salt breads?

Catbert Fri 25-Feb-05 13:50:04

I think there are some, but you are not talking about much in the great scheme, and use unsalted butter to ensure you keep the salt to a minimum.

Or you could bake your own (!)

I have given both mine buttered toast from 7m and they love it...

Spongebob Fri 25-Feb-05 13:54:29

tx. Might have a crack at baking my own.

pixiefish Fri 25-Feb-05 13:56:10

bread does have a fair bit of salt in it but how much does he eat? Not a whole slice, plus I spose you cut the crusts off... so all in all it's probably ok

lunarx Mon 07-Mar-05 16:58:59

i've given ds toast fingers before, he is 8 1/2 months now, but he only has one, maybe 2 a week....

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