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OMDB, yes please to the korma recipe you offered earlier :)

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lucysmam Thu 18-Sep-08 19:51:38

If it's child friendly then I'll definately try it out! Will give me an excuse to go wandering in the Asian supermarket again n have another look at the things I put on my list. Can almost guarantee that I'll have nothing in to make it with but, you never know! smile

Oh, and, how easy is naan bread to make, really?

lucysmam Fri 19-Sep-08 11:28:50

pretty please grin

Overmydeadbody Sun 21-Sep-08 11:31:51

oops sorry lucy I only just saw this.

Ok, I will post it when I have a bit more time today and also post it in the recipes section.

lucysmam Sun 21-Sep-08 11:33:24

no worries, appreciate all the tips/advice smile

Will alter my menu plan to try it out next week grin

Overmydeadbody Sun 21-Sep-08 18:03:48


lucysmam, here's the recipe, as requested!


lucysmam Sun 21-Sep-08 19:35:44

Brilliant, thanks OMDB, will try it out one night this week smile

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