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Best ever recipes please.

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BornToRun Thu 18-Sep-08 10:26:28

Can anyone post their best recipe that is quick, delicious and fool proof, need inspiration. tia.

lulumama Thu 18-Sep-08 10:29:31

best soup recipe in the world that i got from here is roasted pepper and tomato:

roast 4 or 5 big red peppers, cut in half, deseed and drizzle with olive oil

roast until starting to blacken at the edges

then blend them with 2 cloves of garlic

add 2 tins chopped plum tomatos and blend

et voila!

nice with thick crusty bread dipped in.

also made dahl from a recipe on here, that was delish...and a fab recipe for maple baked beans which is very filling and nice with sausages or eggs and toast.

will find them and copy and paste!

lulumama Thu 18-Sep-08 10:33:37

Maple baked beans:

250g dried haricot beans
3 tbsp sunflower oil
2 x finely chopped onions
50 ml maple syrup
3 tbsp tomato paste
800 g ( 2 tins) chopped toms
3 tbsp brown sugar
150 ml veg stock
salt to taste

soak beans overnight, drain rinse, add fresh water and boil for one hour until soft and tender

in a casserole dish, fry onions until golden and soft . Stir in tomatos, beans and all other ingredients.

cover and put in oven at 140 degrees for around 3 hours.

<<recipe was on back of the packet of beans , from asda!>>

i only used one onion and i used half syrup a nd half honey

Lentil dahl, mrsruffalo's recipe

Fry onions until soft
Add garlic, turmeric and a little cumin
Add red lentils
Add water
Simmer until done
Add coriander (optional)
I serve it for the children like this and for adults I then melt a little butter/oil in a pan, add garam masala and hot chilli powder

hth x

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