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I've got a pack of stewing beef that needs to be used by tomorrow.i was gonna cook/fry tonight and eat tomorrow heated up but...

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cutekids Wed 17-Sep-08 17:58:16

packaging says "do not reheat" bugger!
I waste so much food.Is it just not possible or is it just a precaution on Morrison's side?

SqueakyPop Wed 17-Sep-08 17:59:22

I'm puzzled.

Is it raw now and yet to be cooked?

palaver Wed 17-Sep-08 17:59:37

How strange. Once it has been cooked it should be fine to reheat IMO

giddykipper Wed 17-Sep-08 18:00:33

I've never heard of that, sounds peculiar.

bobsyouruncle Wed 17-Sep-08 18:01:10

I'd reheat it, I think that's what it says on all food packaging as a precaution. I reheat everything.

Megglevache Wed 17-Sep-08 18:01:59

I don't get that. Unless it was formerly frozen- would that make any diff?

FioFio Wed 17-Sep-08 18:02:45

Message withdrawn

squigglywig Wed 17-Sep-08 18:03:30

That doesn't make any sense. Just make sure when you heat it up it's warmed through thoroughly.

RandomIdiot Wed 17-Sep-08 18:05:05

I was going to say if it was formerly frozen. but even then it should be fine to reheat, but not refreeze.

cutekids Wed 17-Sep-08 18:23:23

no it isn't frozen.i got it in the meat section next to the mince meat etc.

cutekids Wed 17-Sep-08 18:28:18

now for the next question...totally useless i know!....blush.what can i add to stewing steak to make a nice meal...i've got no spuds in!!!!
Got carrots
gravy granules
frozen peas
frozen veg....just no spuds!

RandomIdiot Wed 17-Sep-08 18:38:12

Doesn't mean it hasn't been frozen by Tescos/Sainsbos etc.

squigglywig Wed 17-Sep-08 18:39:56

Barley? Bulgar wheat?

Dumplings? Scone cobblers?

palaver Wed 17-Sep-08 18:40:29

got any beer? you could make beef in beer

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