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Ideas for freezing potato and potato based meals?

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WelliesAndPyjamas Mon 15-Sep-08 09:36:39

I'm in the process of digging up our potatoes and am disappointed to find that something nasty has nibbled at them, leaving those little black marks. They are fine to eat now (so lots of potato meals for the foreseeable future!) but no good for storing, which had been the plan. Luckily, I have recently invested in a massive chest freezer and still have space left over.

What I'd like, if anyone can help me, are any simple and not too time-consuming ideas for freezing potatoes, either plain or as 'ready' meals? I've already found on old threads that it's ok to freeze mashed potato, which is great, but for how long does it keep?

I also have an abundance of onion, marrow, cabbage, parsnip, apple, and pumpkin to do stuff with too, if that inspires any food combination ideas?

littlelapin Mon 15-Sep-08 09:39:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WelliesAndPyjamas Mon 15-Sep-08 09:43:38

thanks LL

dauphinoise - great idea, nice big batches at a time

the diced veg - do you think I would need to blanche them first or freeze raw?

littlelapin Mon 15-Sep-08 09:47:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WelliesAndPyjamas Mon 15-Sep-08 09:50:24

makes it quicker too grin
many thanks

littlelapin Mon 15-Sep-08 09:51:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadameCastafiore Mon 15-Sep-08 09:56:20

I always freeze mash and it is fine when defrosted just ping it in Microwave.

I often do bubble and squeak and freeze that as we are constantly on SW and it is a good green day meal.

cremolafoam Mon 15-Sep-08 10:02:12

apples store well wrapped individually in newspaper and layed into trays( we use old pizza boxes)
you can also make a big batch of apple sauce which can be frozen and used for pies or just eating.we tend to use kilner jars with rubber seals and stored in a dark larder(its overflowing at the minute, with elderflower jelly, sloe gin, elderflower champagne, cider, mint sauce, pesto, rosehip syrup,damson jam, blackberry jam,picalilli,elderbery vodka,rhubarb chutney,onion jam etc)
in the freezer i have frozen blackberries, redcurrants and raspberries.
we also have a load of cabbage, but i am hoping we can use it in Colcannon, and stir fries and coleslaw.
Spuds and parsnips will store in the dark too.With your damaged spuds i would peel them, cut into wedges and parboil.Then decant them into portion size bags for making wedges and freeze.
pumpkins- i would make soup or bajhias
marrows- are the bain of the veg patch.i do make a load of picallili. dh also loves them sliced finely and chargrilled, but part from that they seem to find themselves on the compost heap.grin

WelliesAndPyjamas Mon 15-Sep-08 10:08:05

thanks for the new ideas
potato wedges - good one

lol cremola, courgette and marrow are my compost heap - as well as growing in the garden they are growing out of seeds left on the heap last year and taking over the garden! I shouldn't have planted any in the veg patch this year. We still havent got through all the chutney I made last year.

so, cabbage freezes ok too?

littlelapin Mon 15-Sep-08 10:17:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ecoworrier Mon 15-Sep-08 10:36:36

roast potatoes - cook them as normal, but only until they are very lightly golden. Then freeze when cool. Cook from frozen in a very little oil until piping hot, takes about 25-30 mins.

Or potato croquettes.

WelliesAndPyjamas Mon 15-Sep-08 10:41:05

Wow, I did not know I could freeze roasties. My world is expanding this morning grin

DH will be pleased with roasties - he'll be able to make 'proper' meals with half the effort taken out!

littlelapin Mon 15-Sep-08 10:49:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cremolafoam Mon 15-Sep-08 14:08:00

to freeze cabbage:
Wash thoroughly and slice thinly. Blanch for 1 min in boiling salted water, then plunge into iced water.Dry carfully between two teatowels. Pack in small plastic bags, date it and freeze.
The freezer life is 6 months

another nice thing to make is cheddar cheese croquettes. you can use parsnip or potato for this.I haven't tried it but i bet you could also use pumpkin too.
here is the receep>

1 pound potatoes, cooked and mashed
1 1/2 cup finely diced Gruyere, Stilton or Cheddar cheese
1 egg yolk
3 tablespoons flour
1 egg, beaten
3 cup fresh bread crumbs
1 tablespoon freshly grated Parmesan cheese
Sunflower oil for frying
Salt and pepper
Cooking Instructions
Mix the potato with the cheese. Beat in the egg yolk and season with salt and pepper to taste. Shape the mixture into 16 croquettes.

Spread out the flour on a plate. Put the beaten egg on another shallow plate. Mix together the bread crumbs and parmesan on another plate. Roll the croquettes in the flour, dip them in the beaten egg and coat them thoroughly in the bread crumb mixture. Arrange in a single layer on a plate and chill until ready to cook.
You can freeze them layed out on a baking tray at this point.When frozen pck into freezer bags to be used when needed.
Deep fry or
Heat about 1/2 inch of oil in a wok and fry the croquettes, in batches, over a medium heat for about 5 to 10 minutes, turning constantly so they cook evenly. When the croquettes are golden brown and crisp, remove them from the pan and drain them on paper towels. Serve hot

LL my larder is mad at the moment. I went a bit nutty over the summer trying not to waste anything.Planning to hand out the stuff at Christmas with lovely wrapping, if we don't eat it

WelliesAndPyjamas Mon 15-Sep-08 14:42:10

thanks for the cabbage-freezing instruction, cremola. I can see myself doing a lot of that. I tried sauerkraut last year but it all went terribly wrong.

mmmmmmmm at the croquettes, might make that this week

WelliesAndPyjamas Tue 16-Sep-08 15:30:24

any new ideas form anyone?

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