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Finger food ideas for fussy 18mo, please

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MegBusset Sun 14-Sep-08 22:44:52

I have posted before about DS's fussy eating, now he is starting to refuse being fed by fork (previously would eat stuff like risotto this way). The list of things he will feed himself is:

Toast/bagel/muffin etc (in small amounts)
Shreddies/Cheerios etc
Fish fingers
Rice cakes

Now I know this isn't a terrible diet for a toddler but I would dearly love to get some more proper food into him. Anyone got any ideas for food he can feed himself with the following provisos?

- He is allergic to egg
- We are vegetarian (although I have no problem feeding him meat) so we don't have meat in the house
- He won't eat pasta or any kind of potato (even chips!)

bumbling Tue 16-Sep-08 17:42:35

Carrot and cucumber sticks
Avocado - messy but dS has always loved it
Bread sticks
Baby Sweetccorn - Huge hit
Veg sausages/veg meatbally things can you get little ones?
Falafel - DS used to love them and dipped them in houmous etc.
Mini sandwiches - We cut a sliced brown loaf into nine tiny squares and he feeds himself very happily, still does at 3.4! Or into fingers
Soft tortilla done as a quesedilla so they stick together and cut into fingers or small triangles with fillings inside.
Dried fruit?
Mini pizzas - I made them by using muffins split in two, home made tom sauce and then cheese ham on top etc, under the grill briefly. They cut into mini triangles.

Will try and think of more and consult Annabel Karmel books!

bumbling Tue 16-Sep-08 17:47:29

Ohh if he will dip. DS likes dipping crusty bread or pitta into soup. I got some rubbery sticky egg cups that attached to the high chair table and put houmous guacamole soup etc in them. Messy but, but less messy than it could have been and he felt more indpendent.l Good luck and sorry if I've inadvertantly included anything with eggs.

Litchick Tue 16-Sep-08 17:58:54

-cheese on toast
-beans on toast
-quorn sossies
-cherry toms stuffed with cream cheese
- griddled courgets ( sounds unlikely but mine love 'em)
-carrot sticks dipped in something (sour cream and chive, cream cheese, ketchup and salad cream mixed together.

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