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Broccoli's gone yellow - is it still ok?

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pinkspottywellies Sun 14-Sep-08 15:32:56

Once again (I've done this nearly every week this year blush) I've not used the broccoli quick enough and it's started to go yellow. Would it still be ok to eat and still taste ok?

I hardly ever throw food away but I just seem to have a huge problem with broccoli and I keep persevering! I might give up on it after this!

pinkspottywellies Sun 14-Sep-08 15:36:47

Quick! I'm in the middle of making a roast dinner! Help!!

Poppycake Sun 14-Sep-08 15:41:47

just try cooking it -if it goes back to green (which it can do, from experience) it's fine, chomp away!

Guadalupe Sun 14-Sep-08 15:41:47

I wouldn't eat the yellow part as I think it's quite bitter but you can eat the stems.

wonderstuff Sun 14-Sep-08 15:42:43

Don't eat the yellow bits

CostaRicanCod Sun 14-Sep-08 15:43:06


BreeVanderCampLGJ Sun 14-Sep-08 15:43:32


dittany Sun 14-Sep-08 15:48:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkspottywellies Sun 14-Sep-08 16:05:03

Thanks everyone. I definitely need to just stop buying it. Maybe I'll try the frozen stuff hmm As I recall it tends to be a bit rubbery though.

DoubleBluff Sun 14-Sep-08 16:18:22

chuck it, or salvage te non yellow bits

lucysmam Sun 14-Sep-08 18:47:23

I always do that with broccoli too, started buying the frozen stuff so I don't waste it

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