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For Franch - I think, and anyone else who likes Fry's peppermint cream.....

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Aero Thu 24-Feb-05 10:42:43

Haven't tried this one myself yet, but found it in a book. Might give it a go sometime. Think it was you Franch who said you'd like the Fry's recipe - haven't done a search to check though! So for you and anyone else who's partial to Fry's peppermint cream, here it is....

Mint Biscuits

8ozs crushed arrowroot biscuits (think Rich Tea would be ok too)
1 bar Fry's peppermint cream
2 dessertspoons drinking chocolate
1 egg
4oz butter
4oz caster sugar
cooking chocolate

Melt the sugar, butter and Fry's bar in a saucepan and stir well. Add beaten egg, crushed biscuits and drinking chocolate.
Press into a tin and cover with melted chocolate. Place in fridge and when cold, cut into squares.

tarantula Thu 24-Feb-05 10:44:47

oooooo that looks nice. might jsut have to try that this weekend

paolosgirl Thu 24-Feb-05 10:46:31

Mmmmm!! I've just printed off the recipe - will try that one with the kids.

Aero Thu 24-Feb-05 10:48:10

let me know if it's good!

franch Thu 24-Feb-05 10:52:09

ooh ooh ooh Aero thanks so much - how exciting to see my name in a thread title

Aero Thu 24-Feb-05 11:24:13

My pleasure. Think of it as neon lights! Hope you like the recipe.

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