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How do I make stripy fondant?

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SuperBunny Sat 13-Sep-08 19:53:14

I mean with nice neat lines?

I have coloured fondant left over and thought I'd cut it out and make shapes/ numbers to go on cupcakes.

What do I do?


SuperBunny Sun 14-Sep-08 00:48:10

Doesn't matter, I've done it now <sigh>

SuperBunny Sun 14-Sep-08 01:05:12

And I do know hoe to spell stripey

dooneygirl Sun 14-Sep-08 01:08:28

But do you know how to spell how????


gigglewitch Sun 14-Sep-08 01:10:07

go and get a tin of striped paint to go with it

SuperBunny Sun 14-Sep-08 01:26:31


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