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Anything clever I can do with some offcuts of madeira cake?

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franch Thu 11-Sep-08 20:00:54

Other than much myself sick on them, that is? Just done that, so wondered if there was anything desserty I could do with them? It's basically two domed 'lids' cut off full-sized cakes to make them flat.

Trifle, I suppose. Anything else?

Megglevache Thu 11-Sep-08 20:56:15

What about eton mess, use the cake (stale) instead of meringue?

Fruit puree, cream, cake. grin Flaked almonds?

slim22 Fri 12-Sep-08 12:00:53


dip in chocolate melt then dessicated coconut.


FabioBigBangBlackHole Fri 12-Sep-08 12:01:28

eat them now in one bite


stealthsquiggle Fri 12-Sep-08 12:03:03

Bother. I was going to say trifle. Having said that, we have a freezer full of cake offcuts after the DC and I couldn't eat any more (my cake making season is short but intense grin)

midnightexpress Fri 12-Sep-08 12:03:55

Could you do a sort of tiramisu?

1951Vintage Fri 12-Sep-08 22:35:25

My mate makes a wonderful 'summer' pudding with madeira cake. Line a pudding basin with slices of cake and fill with fruit. Could be your own rasps if you have any or defrosted 'fruits of the forest' from your fave s/market, or even blackberries at this time of the year. Sweat with some sugar in the oven or on the hob just until the juices run and the sugar is dissolved. Pile into the lined pudding bowl and cap with another slice of cake. Weight this by putting a saucer on top and a can of something. Ready to eat after a couple of hours. Wonderful with Greek yoghourt, cream or custard.

FairLadyRantALot Fri 12-Sep-08 22:38:38

Bread and butter pudding is meant to be lovely with cake grin

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