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Simple cookies!

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lunavix Wed 23-Feb-05 16:05:47

Has anyone got any basic cookie recipes?

I'm sure theres a few I should know, only have the basics ie flour, milk, eggs, golden syrup etc... no chocolate chips

Bonkerz Wed 23-Feb-05 16:07:08

ASDA ready mix cookie mix! Just add water!!

Bonkerz Wed 23-Feb-05 16:08:10

also try ASDA ready mixed muffin mix and add water and a mashed banana

As you can tell im a rubbish cook!!

lunavix Wed 23-Feb-05 16:08:48

I can't! Nearest Asda is like 80 miles away!

Hence I have water, milk, egg, flour...

Bonkerz Wed 23-Feb-05 16:10:34


lilibet Wed 23-Feb-05 16:18:58

how about something like this

lunavix Wed 23-Feb-05 16:20:38

don't have any of the raisiny bits of demera sugar (never heard of it!)

argh I was so sure there was an easy cookie recipe! I think I was fooling myself!

makealist Wed 23-Feb-05 16:23:21

There is... but I don't know it either....been waiting for someone else to post it so that I can copy it.

tarantula Wed 23-Feb-05 16:24:26

I always jsut bung in whatever sugar i have regardless of what it says in the recipie and never had any probs. Demerara is brown sugar.

Cod Wed 23-Feb-05 16:25:59

Message withdrawn

cazzybabs Wed 23-Feb-05 16:26:02

140g (5oz) softened butter
140g (5oz) caster sugar
2 drops vanilla essence
1 egg, beaten
285g (10oz) plain flour
a pinch of salt
1 x writing icing set (available from most supermarkets)
a sheet of clear cellophane for wrapping
pink ribbon

Preheat the oven to 190°C/375°F/gas mark 5

Using a wooden spoon, beat the butter, sugar and vanilla essence together until creamy, then add the beaten egg, a little at a time. Sieve the flour and salt into the mixture and stir together to form a dough.

Roll the dough out onto a lightly floured surface to 1cm (1/2 inch) thick. Cut out using different shaped cutters. Arrange on a baking sheet and cook for about 10 minutes or until just beginning to turn brown. Lift onto a wire rack and cool.

Decorate the biscuits with the icing and leave to set.

lilibet Wed 23-Feb-05 16:29:10

ok found this

8 oz self raising flour
4 oz butter
6 oz caster sugar
1 egg

sift flour into a bowl, rub in butter, add sugar. add egg and mix to a dough. shapoe intoa long roll 2inch in diameter. wrap in foil and refridgerate overnight. cut as many cookes as rquired. the remainder of the roll can be refridgerated for up to a week

bake 190 for 10 mins


walnut - add 2 oz chopped walnut

sultana - as above

spicy - add 2 tsp mixed spice

lemon - add finely grated rind of one lemon

orange - as above

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