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So, tell me about onions...

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pinkmunkee Thu 11-Sep-08 12:15:46

I am learner cook so here comes a stupid question... It seems to me there are 3 main types of onion- normal (brown), red and spring. Am I right or are there more?

Also I cooked some special fried rice the other day and the recipe said spring onions but the supermarket didn't have nay so I left them out- can I use a different type of onion or will it not work?

ALSO sometimes the food I cook seems a bit bland- would adding onions help? I think ideally they could do with a bit of salt but my DS is very little so I don't like to add it- I do add it when I serve it up, but id there anything I can do during the actual cooking to help jazz food up a bit?

TIA. Please pardon my ignorance!

Donk Thu 11-Sep-08 12:26:38

Spring onions need less cooking (almost none!) than normal onions - you can use normal onions, but it would taste a bit different.

If you are finding food bland you could try adding herbs (or pepper/spices - I tried adding small amounts of spices when ds was small. He like 'curry' without the hot bits!)

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