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How far in advance can I make fondant decorations?

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SuperBunny Thu 11-Sep-08 00:51:32

I need to make Lego bricks.

Can I colour the fondant and make the bricks a week (or two?) in advance? I am happy for them to dry out a bit but will they be awful? And will the colour change over time?

Califrau Thu 11-Sep-08 02:43:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SuperBunny Thu 11-Sep-08 03:05:07

If I leave it to the last minute, will have DS faffing around and I'll be panicky. I want to make them now as I have time and am impatient but I don't want to waste the fondant by them going off.

Think they'll be ok. And certainly won't be 100+ California July weather - end of Sept in Chicago is usually quite mild. And wet.

Thanks for your help

Tinkjon Thu 11-Sep-08 06:48:42

A week in advance will be fine, I've often made them that early.

SuperBunny Fri 12-Sep-08 18:04:29

Thanks Tinkjon

I was going to make them last night but the box said not to do the icing more than 2 days in advance. I am sure I have done it earlier than that in the past.

I'll do it this weekend

ComeOVeneer Fri 12-Sep-08 18:08:23

Can make them a week or so in advance is weather is favourable. (Just spent today making 150 african masks, shields, spears, geckos, porcupine quills, and animal skin print fondant decorations today for a charity do in Covent Garden next Thursday for 150 cupakes and a 2 teired cake)

ComeOVeneer Fri 12-Sep-08 18:08:34


SuperBunny Fri 12-Sep-08 18:11:42

Sounds fab, COV

Should I keep them in the fridge? It's warm-ish here.

SuperBunny Fri 12-Sep-08 18:12:28

COV, will you have photos? I'm nosey curious

ComeOVeneer Fri 12-Sep-08 18:13:35

No fondant will gather condensation in the fridge and will get wet and soggy. Weather wise I meant warm and humid. English warm in Sept is no problem. Dry them on sponges then put in an airtight container between sheets of kitchen towel and that should be fine.

ComeOVeneer Fri 12-Sep-08 18:15:27

Hold on you are in Chicago aren't you! Still internal with airconditioning, should be fine.

God I do miss it over there still (was back there in May for a few days for wedding anniversary)

SuperBunny Fri 12-Sep-08 18:21:18

Yep, am in Chicago. It is a wonderful city, isn't it?

Will do exactly as you say, thanks

dooneygirl Sat 13-Sep-08 04:32:33

So I'm thinking you really need to make extra, so, say if an impartial 3rd party who happens to love all things cake and frosting happens to visit the Windy City next week, said cake and frosting lover can sample these fondant creations and tell you if they are palatable or not. Hypothetically, of course.

SuperBunny Sat 13-Sep-08 04:47:05

I don't know what you mean, Dooney

<gazes around and whistles nonchalantly>


dooneygirl Sat 13-Sep-08 04:54:29

DH wants to know why I'm laughing at my computer. My poor DH.

He's being a hobbit again, and one of his RL friends is on the game. He messaged DH to wish him a happy birthday, and asked him if he was eligible for Medicare part D yet. He he he.

SuperBunny Sat 13-Sep-08 04:58:33


Please tell me he's bringing his Hobbit outfit here...

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