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2 KG Sweet Potatoes, what shall I do with them?

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mogs0 Tue 09-Sep-08 18:22:55

By mistake, I've ordered far too many and I'm not sure what to do with them!!

Anyone have any yummy recipes that'll use a few of them up?!

MrsMattie Tue 09-Sep-08 18:26:05

Sweet potato is a great ingredient for soups, winter casseroles or mild, coconut-ey curries.

Look on the BBC food site - they have a recipe finder where you can type in an ingredient and it will come up with loads of recipes that include it.

Overmydeadbody Tue 09-Sep-08 18:29:29

They will last quite a while in a cool dark place if taken out of any plastic wrapping etc.

Use them instead of potatoes in, well, everything you would use potatoes in!grin

All my mash now is made with half half normal and sweet potato.

Roast sweet potatoes

Baked sweet potatoes with toppings just like baked potatoes.

Moroccan tagines usually contain sweet potato.

I have a yummy Thai fish cake recipe that uses sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato chips

sweet potato wedges

Mashed sweet potato with a pinch of cinnamon goes very well with lamb chops.

Overmydeadbody Tue 09-Sep-08 18:33:02

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine

sweet potato and chickpea curry

mogs0 Tue 09-Sep-08 18:36:30


littleducks Tue 09-Sep-08 18:37:47

i now love mashed sweet potatoe, i tried it in nandos and now make it all the time (also goes well with spicy chicken)

hollyhobbie Tue 09-Sep-08 19:12:47

We love this recipe from The Guardian:

Sweet potato cakes

The ultimate comfort food: soft, a bit messy and delicious. Serves four.

• 1kg sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into large chunks
• 2 tsp soy sauce
• 100g flour
• 1 tsp salt
• ½ tsp sugar
• 3 tbsp spring onion, chopped
• ½ tsp fresh chilli, finely chopped (or more, to taste)
•Lots of butter, for frying

For the sauce:

• 50g Greek yogurt
• 50g sour cream
• 2 tbsp olive oil
• 1 tbsp lemon juice
• Salt and pepper
• 1 tbsp fresh coriander, chopped

Steam the sweet potato until soft, then drain in a colander for an hour. Meanwhile, whisk the sauce ingredients until smooth and set aside. In a mixing bowl, work all the fritter ingredients by hand - it should be sticky, so if it's a little runny, add some flour. Do not over-mix.

Dip your hands in water and shape walnut-sized balls with the fritter mix, then flatten so you have round cakes around 5cm in diameter and less than 1cm thick. Place on an oily surface.

Melt some butter in a nonstick pan. Using a fish slice, lift the cakes in to the pan and fry on moderate heat until you get a nice, brown crust, turning as necessary - about six minutes. Place between two sheets of kitchen towel, to soak up the excess butter. Serve hot or warm, with the sauce on the side and a crisp green salad.


flowerybeanbag Tue 09-Sep-08 19:17:35

Sweet potato and goats cheese mash.

Sweet potatoes, 4ish medium sized ones, peel and chop then put on baking tray with plenty of olive oil. Also put on same baking tray 2 cloves of garlic still in skins.

Roast about 15 mins in oven about 200C til cooked through.

Take out potatoes, put in bowl, bung in a 'log' of soft goats cheese and the garlic cloves (without the skins), and roughly mash together. Add freshly chopped coriander, plus ground pepper and lemon juice to taste.


lotuseener Tue 09-Sep-08 21:03:29

sweet potato pie. you won't believe how good it is....

Califrau Tue 09-Sep-08 21:14:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

naomi83 Wed 10-Sep-08 21:00:56

sweet potato and carrot kugel. 5 cups of grated veg, 2 cups of flour (i use wholemeal), i cup of veg oil, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup white sugar, baking powder, 4 eggs. mix together in a large bowl, pour into oven dish and bake on 180 degrees C for 1 hour. Makes a fab dish to go with a meat or fish main and freezes well. Fab way to get kids to eat veg as its very cakey. You can also use muffin dishes and make mini ones

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