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CHEESE and LO CRYING in sleep: Anyone noticed a link?

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LittlePushka Mon 08-Sep-08 23:22:58

If so please can you share your experience/
. Thanks

BrownSuga Tue 09-Sep-08 00:12:05

Not in LO yet, he's too little, but I have nightmares if I have cheese (or chocolate) just before bed.

S1ur Tue 09-Sep-08 00:14:25

Cheese harder to digest.

I have not noticed any link however.

BrownSuga Tue 09-Sep-08 00:14:41

In fact just last week, I woke in the night convinced someone was by the bed with a net coming at me, I screamed like a, well like a girl. Woke DH up, he got very nervous and worried. I was too, but then remembered I'd gobbled a bar of chocolate before bed.

LittlePushka Tue 09-Sep-08 00:23:20

Mmm...I had heard cheese can give nightmares but LO does not have it anywhere near bedtime.

Slur, do you know what is in cheese that makes it hard to digest?

mamabear2b Tue 09-Sep-08 23:28:36

Yep we had a problem with LO crying out after cheese, he loves it!

Stopped giving it to him after 3pm and had no problems since

LittlePushka Wed 10-Sep-08 01:11:24

mamabear2b, is your LO old enough to tell you about it when he wakes up? also, did he have any lactose intolerance,..ever?

aSlurOnBrilliantScientists Wed 10-Sep-08 01:17:35

Hello again!

Erm as far as I know it is just that cheese is harder to digest. So takes longer and that may, may (it isn't definitive at all), interfer with sleep.

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