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Ingredient I've never heard of ....

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Carla Tue 22-Feb-05 16:59:53

DD2's class went to Pizza Express to make pizzas today. They brushed the pizza tin with something called (apologies if I've misspelt this, but this is what it sounded like) carlo. Never seen it in Sainsbury's - anyone else heard of it?

nnosam Tue 22-Feb-05 17:05:16

are you sure your dd has the right name.
have just done google surch and it came up with monte carlo, and nothing else.
it could be an italan word for something..

LGJ Tue 22-Feb-05 17:19:30

could it be this

butter, burro ...

colinsmommy Tue 22-Feb-05 17:45:13

Could it be Crisco?

Carla Tue 22-Feb-05 18:38:54

It's definately carlo - I 'phoned up the Bicester restaurant 'cos I was so curious . But they couldn't tell me what it was or where to get it......

Tinker Tue 22-Feb-05 18:40:16

Snap! My daughter went to PE today to make pizzas. Don't know what carlo is though.

ks Tue 22-Feb-05 18:40:41

Message withdrawn

LGJ Tue 22-Feb-05 18:46:05

Ring back and demand an answer, say 20,000 MNers will be going mad otherwise.

It's really annoying me

Xena Tue 22-Feb-05 18:50:25

Used to work in Pizza Express style place and they used carlo oil its not olive oil but it stops the base sticking and browns the bottom of the pizza. HTH

LGJ Tue 22-Feb-05 19:10:02


Thank you

Carla Tue 22-Feb-05 21:17:46

Cor, thanks Xena! I wonder why us mortals can't buy it then.

Tinker, how old is your dd? Did she enjoy her morning? I was really impressed by the patience and professionalism/knowing how to deal with 6yolds shown by the couple we had. And the end result was more than edible

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