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inspire me for what to do wiht veg for dinner...

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TheArmadillo Mon 08-Sep-08 18:49:43

am bored of plain roasted/boiled/steamed veg.

Can't get to shop as dinner needs to be ready for dp coming home and ds is asleep upstairs.

Have carrots, parsnips, mushrooms (dp hates them but if I leave them whole he can pick them out), shallots, garlic and little potatoes (getting a bit old and manky so need cooking well).

Also have herbs, vinegars, spices and parmesan, stocks.

Don't mind roasting the potatoes if I can do something different with the rest.

Everything I can think of or find has something in it I don't have.

It's to go with beef. Plain - just with balsamic vinegar and black pepper.

Anyone got any exciting ideas?

RubySlippers Mon 08-Sep-08 18:51:36

why don't you roast the potaoes with the garlic and shallots (whole) - sea salt and some olive oil

then steam and then mash the parsnip and carrots (add knob of butter and black pepper)

Majeika Mon 08-Sep-08 18:53:11

Roasted potatoes with garlic

Honeyed Roast Parsnips

Mashed carrots with lots of butter

TheArmadillo Mon 08-Sep-08 18:54:13

that sounds good.

I love root veg mashed and dp loves roasted garlic and shallots.

Ta muchly grin

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