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milk alternative recipe.... any suggestions??

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bhk3 Sun 07-Sep-08 20:36:35

my dd hates milk feed since she's weaning i bought fromage frais, mozarrela chees & flavoured yogurt. any recipe ideas???? please. in what way can i add these in her food?

LittleB Mon 08-Sep-08 20:36:39

How old is she, can she manage things like pasta yet, perhaps just the tiny pasta bites or chopped spaghetti, dd like pasta and veg in cheese sauce - just make a white sauce with milk and cheese and add some cooked veg. dd also loved rice pudding, custard or porridge with milk in and pureed fruit. She used to eat feta cheese as it is but not too often as its quite salty. I used to give her fromage frais and yoghurt, sometimes as bought, sometimes with extra pureed fruit. I'd also add milk or cheese to pureed veg like carrots or brocolli. Good luck, I just liked experimenting, of course now shes 3 she eats about half of what she did when she was weaning - refuses custard and rice pudding point blank now and won't eat bananas anymore - I guess she'll eat them again one day!

bhk3 Tue 09-Sep-08 19:36:40

my lo is 7 mo now & its a month since i started weaning. i tried to give her natural yogurt but she hates it so i got fromage frais for her but i guess doubt if the additives may upset her tummy.

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