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When do you need to make a Christmas cake?

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AbbaFan Sun 07-Sep-08 18:19:32

Following a brilliant thread on home-made xmas pressies. I am loving the idea of a hamper filled with home-made goodies for the grand-parents.

Only trouble is I have never made a christmas cake.

Anyone one have an easy cake recipe, and do I have to make it really early?

bellavita Sun 07-Sep-08 18:23:33

I have made this one by Delia Smith

I generally do mine around the middle of October.

Overmydeadbody Sun 07-Sep-08 18:29:23

You need to make it anytime between now and the end of october.

If you've never made one before I recommend Delia too.

AbbaFan Sun 07-Sep-08 18:47:05

Looks good.

Would you HAVE to use brandy. We don't drink it, so would have to buy it specially for this.

I have Grand Mariner (orange licquer) - would this work?

2loudboys Sun 07-Sep-08 18:51:47

October here, too. You can use whisky, brandy, any kind of liqueur. Grand Marnier would be fine.

expatinscotland Sun 07-Sep-08 18:54:09

i'm making mine tonight.

i use brandy, but orange liquer will work just fine, too, or sherry.

i don't drink brandy, i just buy a bottle for about £8 in Lidl and use it to feed my cakes and the rest i toss into M&S mincemeat at a couple of weeks before Xmas. then i make shortcrust pastry in the food processor and make 'homemade' mincemeat pies as gifts.

oh, get more brandy. peel 3 oranges, leaving hte inner white skin on the fruit. cut the zest into 2.5in. strips. Put into a clean, screw top jar and pour 3 cups of brandy on top. Cover tightly and let stand at room temp for 3 weeks. Remove the rind. Stir in 1 cup honey and let that stand for 3 days. Then strain off the clear part and decant into pretty decanters you find in charity shops for peanuts all year.

Voila, orange liqueur!

Keep the cloudy portion to cook with.

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