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Baked Apples - my children just love these

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roisin Sat 06-Sep-08 19:24:25

We've got a box of Bramleys from my mum's garden, and baked apples are so easy to do. The boys think they are a huge treat because they are seasonal. (I'm always horrified by the cost of Bramleys in Tescos, so just make them when we get given some!)

Overmydeadbody Sat 06-Sep-08 19:25:47

I like coring them and stuffing them with chopped dates and nuts and drizzling them with honey before baking <drool>

DS turns his nose up at them though <sigh>

TsuDohNimh Sat 06-Sep-08 19:27:45

I love baked apples.

We had a cooking apple tree (thats what we called it as kids so we knew not to eat the apples from that particular tree) in our garden and my mum used to make the most delicious pies and crumbles.
Baked apples was my favouite though.

Am envy as I haven't had them for years. I used to love them with brown sugar, rasins and syrup ... YUM!!!

Alexa808 Mon 08-Sep-08 11:30:22

Haven't had them for over 20 years. Used to LOVE them. My Mum used to make them in her parents' house, in an iron oven. Drizzled with honey, raisins, chocolate flakes and crunchy pieces of nuts...definitely <drool>

NorbertDentressangle Mon 08-Sep-08 11:33:01

Ooooh I used to love baked apples -we always had them at my grandparents. My Gran used to stuff them with dates, bake them in the Aga and we'd eat them with custard

ellideb Mon 08-Sep-08 11:33:49

Could someone please tell me how to do them? I have a gas oven by the way.

Anchovy Mon 08-Sep-08 11:44:08

My grandmother used to take out the core and put homemade mincemeat down the middle. Yum.

Ellie: Take out core; put something on the middle (bit of butter and sugar - preferably brown - will work nicely as well). Put in high over for about, erm 30-40 mins.

They are buggeringly hot when they come out so let them cool down.

Sometimes they explode! I think you can score the skin round the middle to stop this but we like to live with the unpredictability!

ellideb Mon 08-Sep-08 11:48:07

Thanks Anchovy, I think I'll do the scoring myself though, don't fancy detonated bramley apple masacre in my kitchen!

Alexa808 Mon 08-Sep-08 11:53:14

Anchovy: LOL at exploding apples...nothing better than a spot of home entertainment grin

roisin Mon 08-Sep-08 19:51:50

We stuff them with dried fruit, a teaspoon of sugar and a little cinnamon. If using real Bramleys I also drizzle in a little honey. Then top it off with a small pat of butter.


Goober Mon 08-Sep-08 19:55:07

I dribbled at this thread earlier today and it stuck in my mind.
Guess what we had for our afters tonight? Stuffed with raisins and muscavado and a dob of butter. Did mine in the microwave 5 mins to do 5 apples.

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