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Bums; I've bought the wrong chocolate

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thehouseofmirth Sat 06-Sep-08 17:14:56

Was going to make flourless chocolate cake but got side-tracked in Saisbury's and bought Fairtrade milk choc instead of dark chocolate. Will cry if I have to go to shops agian today. Can I make it with the milk choc? Will it be horrible? Could I add some cocoa powder to make it a bit richer and if so, how much(recipe calls for 250g dark choc?

Carmenere Sat 06-Sep-08 17:16:16

I would just use it and add a bit of cocoa.

NoblesseOblige Sat 06-Sep-08 17:17:03

just use the choc. twill be fine. throw in a bit of cocoa power if you wish but that will make it heavier so chuck in another egg to balance it out if you do this smile

AvenaLife Sat 06-Sep-08 17:17:32

Bugger! You'll have to eat it now! grin

thehouseofmirth Sat 06-Sep-08 18:07:53

Just re-read my post. Obviously my typing skills are as good as my shopping skills!

So if these are the ingredients:
250g dark chocolate, minimum 70% cocoa solids
125g unsalted butter, softened
6 eggs: 2 whole, 4 separated
175g caster sugar

So do you reckon I need to put in 3 whole eggs plus the 4 seperated? Also will I ned to add less sugar or will the cocoa balance it? And how much cocoa do you reckon?

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