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need ideas for tonight please one veggie and one meat the easier the better!

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AwayWithTheFaries Sat 06-Sep-08 11:58:48

got sil and bil round for dinner tonight sil and me are both veggie and want to something other than lasagne or shepards pie

laurasmiles Sat 06-Sep-08 12:06:49

How about a meat and a vegetarian chilli with rice and garlic bread and salad?

Carmenere Sat 06-Sep-08 12:09:49

How about fajitas, meat for the blokes and veg for you? All the accompaniments are the same
grated cheese
Sour cream
Strips of grilled marinated meat
Strips of pepper and onion

MatNanPlus Sat 06-Sep-08 12:10:02

Stuffed peppers/mushrooms

roasted veggies and cous cous

veggie stirfry

all with a side of chicken for the meater

AwayWithTheFaries Sat 06-Sep-08 12:23:05

oh fajitas sound good

Carmenere Sat 06-Sep-08 12:34:41

And you could serve Sol or Corona with slices of lime in the top and shots of tequila for afters wink

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