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Baby Rice pudding

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knot Mon 21-Feb-05 16:18:03

I was eating some rice pudding and ds 6 months is reaching for it so i thought i'd make some for him and us rather than tins for all of us - anyone got a recipe?
i havent got rice pudding rice but do have risotto or basmati

Tommy Mon 21-Feb-05 16:33:27

I use flaked rice as it's very quick and you can cook a rice pudding on the hob in the time it takes to eat main course! (recipe's on the back of the packet)

knot Mon 21-Feb-05 16:35:22

flaked rice dont have that - could i use baby rice powder ?

Tommy Mon 21-Feb-05 20:50:10

sorry - didn't get back to you - I think powdered rice would end up just as a mush tbh

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